Isaac Waite – Engine Tenter

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Isaac Waite was first employed as the clerk of the works between the March 1889 and April 1891.
On the 3rd of April 1891 he took on the role of engine tenter, tending the boiler in the engine house.  
He lived in the lodge on Menston Drive with his wife Sarah and son Albert Edward.

Albert Edward at the age of 31 joined the asylum as a temporary fitter and fireman, Albert was also a member of the Menston Fire Brigade.

Here we have a wonderful collection of documents and pictures relating to them both.

Sincere thanks to David H Stradling for many of these documents and images. David is a Menston resident and the 
great, great-grandson of Isaac Waite.
The 1905 Incident 

An outbreak of fire occurred on the night of 15th January 1905 seriously damaging the roof of the dormitory of female 
ward 20 (Litton Ward), but fortunately no casualties were sustained. The fire was successfully dealt with by the Asylum 
Fire Brigade and staff, assisted later by Otley Fire Brigade.

Menston Mental Hospital
21st August, 1934. 

207. Asylums Officers’ Superannuation Act, 1909.

Application for added years. – A.E.Waite 

The clerk reported the receipt of a letter from the Ministry of Health, intimating that the Minister had given his sanction to 
the addition of 5 years to the service of Mr A E Waite, late Engineer at this Mental Hospital.