Tom Booth, Tower Views 1979

Thomas Booth, on the staff 1954 - 1995Tom reflecting on his career.Tom at work in the social club.Tom Booth september 2009 Aysgarth, Ramsgill below Going round the bend..Denton Clifton wards below Denton, Clifton to the rightEscroft to the rightFemale side Guiseley drive The male domainThe day hospital Tom Booth 1979Towards Burnsall Towards Escroft clinicTowards Menston drive Towards Stainton top left Ward 24  in the middle ward 24 to left sm.jpg

Who would have guessed on a sunny day in 1979, taking pictures from the rooftops of High Royds, that at some time in the future they would be viewed around the world!

The pictures give a fabulous aerial snapshot of the fully operational hospital.

Many thanks to Tom Booth (pictured) from the High Royds Social Club, for sharing his collection and writing the following piece. After 41 years experience nursing at High Royds and still running the social club, he has become a bit of an institution himself!

“I have a great deal of affection for High Royds, and will always put the positive point of view. Asylums are an easy target for critics peddling a negative line that projects their own personality.

 When contemplating the life time/history of High Royds Hospital and it’s contribution to the care of the mentally ill it is well to remember that ‘success is a journey not a destination’. Though the search for knowledge and guidance in the provision of care continues, those involved in High Royds history can look back with pride and forward with hope.

 The increase in the knowledge of all staff involved in the treatment and care and the changes in practice over the last sixty years have seen the focus of care move from hospital to community; from a Medical Model (passive) to holistic care; from custodial care (passive) to a therapeutically active approach. These demonstrate that what we do about a problem is determined by how we view that problem.


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