High Royds – October 2008

No Pictures - May 2008Ballroom and Tower Barbers Shop BayBays Billiard Table SupplierMortuaryBody Store.jpgBon Accord View Buttercup Blanket Buckle Lanethe PharmacyLock Store Male dorm StaintonMortice Lock Store One Last Look OT Unit Risen The Boot Room.The Crescent End of the lineChronic male ward corridor Connecting corridor David Wilson phase 2 ExcavationDouble aspect corridor engine room From pharmacy to chronic blockMortuary ante roomhebdon house rear kim Tate Male isolation hospital rear Male isolation rear Mortuary building All tugs Mortuary corridor Mortuary Mortuary path lab Mortuary rear room Male corridorPharmacry rear Pharmacy corridor Pharmacy door Pharmacy exteriorMa;e corridorMortuaryThe Crescent Sepember 2008 The ship Verandah male isolation hospitalvickers finest walk this way walls works yardBarden bolton top left door chapel side view corridor fromhebden house to bon accord denton clifton airing court  the door from langbar denton clifton airing court bench denton clifton airing court divine light forensic leaving doo high royds chapel 1 october 2008 high royds chapel corridor october 2008 high royds chapel october 2008 high royds chapel high royds chapel toilet october 2008hiigh royds chappel 2 october 2008 hiigh royds chappel october 2008 destruction male corridor towards barden bolton marrick gallery october 2008 marrick kitchen october 2008 marrick october 2008 forgotten booty sm.jpgmarrick october 2008 marrick open door policy october 2008marrick single cellsmarrick smoke room marrick stainton corridor marrick ward october 2008 mortuary rear october 2008 multi faith chapel october 2008 stainton above the false ceiling stainton ceiling stainton cell interior october 2008 stainton day room october 2008 stainton female cell stainton female toilets october 2008stainton gallery october 2008 stainton gallery october 2008 Stainton Interview room october 2008 stainton kitchen stainton male bathroom october 2008 stainton male cell and beyond stainton male cell stainton male dorm single cell stainton male toilets october 2008 stainton marrick alert stainton marrick scene of the fire started by an ex patient after closure stainton nursing office october 2008 stainton nursing office stainton smoking room towards bon accord denton to the left

 One Hundred And Twenty Years After Opening The Old Hospital Awaiting Patiently Here New Role..