A Critical Eye, Inside Out.

Charlotte with Jean Davison, right.Thomas Lund, deaf mute, 11 years in Menston AsylumCentral Corridor 2009At least the stained glass in the central corridor remains, but for how long?Faded Grandeur. Hard to believe that this room meant so much, to so many...The hospital Committee room, the scene of many strategic decisions.Buckle Lane Cemetery, bathed in moonlight..The Mortuary Chapel, Jan 2010Cecily Sedgwick, over 50 years in Menston Asylum, buried Buckle Lane.Charles Armstead, 7 years Menston Asylum Charlotte Leeming.Charlotte experiencing a little seclusion in one of the many single roomsMemorial Plaque, 21st August 2009Derek Hutchinson, left, Charlotte Leaming, right.Elizabeth Ann Wilson, buried Buckle LaneThe famous gated corridor, this is in fact a prop left over from the film,  Asylum, 2003One last DanceJean being interviewed in the BallroomJohn Constantin, deaf mute, admitted aged just 10,  buried Buckle Lane, 55 years in containment and care.John From North December 2009 Mabel Grey's grave row 20 grave Mabel Grey, aged 27, buried Buckle Lane, row 20 grave 13Male Corridor to female, the second door along was the patients bank, before that it was utilised as a visiting room.The only memorials to the 2861 people buried at the Buckle Lane cemetery.

Inside Out, January 2010

Charlotte Leeming explores the tragic past of the former Yorkshire psychiatric hospital.

For more than 100 years, High Royds Hospital treated mentally ill people from across Yorkshire.

But back in the 1960s and 70s some patients were subjected to controversial experimental treatments and even invasive surgery.

Derek Hutchinson was admitted to High Royds in 1973, and underwent 10 courses of ECT treatment during his first five weeks.

He talks about his experiences in this interview.

Presenter Jamie Coulson

Producer Nicola Addyman


Mon 18 Jan 201019:30BBC One (Yorks & Lincs, Yorkshire only)

See the programme here, Inside Out 

With the exception of the fomer inmates, the images in this collection were taken on the day of filming.