High Royds Memorial Garden – Your Support Is Needed



The Then Chairman, Derek Hutchinson (left) with Ron Sweeney, Telegraph & Argus, July 23rd 2009The Late John Steele, Former Hon Secretary. Friends Of High Royds Memorial Garden, The Display At St Mary's Catholic School, Menston 10th October 2009Memorial Garden Brochure Memorial Garden BrochureMemorial Garden BrochureMemorial Garden Brochure

Your Support is needed..

If you believe in the innate dignity of your fellow human beings and care for the quality of our shared  Environment, here is a wonderful opportunity for you to become involved in a very worthwhile endeavour:  Please help to restore the derelict old Chapel and Cemetery on Buckle Lane in Menston.

If you agree that these once sacred places should be sacred still, please do whatever you can to help us.   These neglected sites are shameful today, but  an easily be transformed into   something that we can all be proud of.

We the Friends of High Royds Memorial Garden have formed a Charitable Company to take responsibility for the land and to restore the sanctity of the Chapel.

Our hope is to create a dignified place that will pay tribute to those who have gone before.  Once our goals are accomplished, this site will be a lasting credit to the locality and a deeply meaningful legacy for our children.

The Gladedale group, the present developers of the old High Royds site, have donated the land and chapel to us. The renovation and maintenance are now the responsibility of the Friends of High Royds Memorial Garden. As a charitable volunteer-based organisation, we desperately need assistance from those of you who are:

1. Prepared to become Shareholders of High Royds Memorial Garden by purchasing a minimum of 10 x  £1 shares. The shares are non-transferable and will not pay a monetary dividend but will be a permanent acknowledgment  of your involvement and support.

2. Willing  to roll up your sleeves and engage according to your preference in other fund-raising activities. We also need volunteers to  assist with gardening and other activities etc. as the need arises.

Please email Ron at,  ron@windmillcentre.co.uk

Thank You for your kind assistance in this important communal effort

Mark Davis.