War Services Allowance Committee 1943

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June 17, 1943

PRESENT – Alderman Percy Crowther (Chairman). Aldermen Holden and H. Smith. Councillor Trickett.

1.. Confirmation of Minutes.


That the Minutes of the Meeting, held onthe 7th September, 1942(having been printed and a copy sent to each Member), be confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.

2.  Basis of Civil Pay.

Referring to Minute No. 3 of this Committee of the 27th July, 1942, concerning the position of Junior Members 0fthe Board’s Clerical Staff now serving with H.M. Forces, a report was submitted as to the treatment of ‘similar cases by Constituent Authorities of the Board.


That no further action be taken in the matter.

3. Service Pay. (a) Increase in War Pay.

  The Committee considered an increase of 6d. per day in War Pay granted to serving men, as  from the 1st October, 1942, in relation to the supplementation of Service Pay..


That the increase of 6d. per day War pay, with effect from the 1st October, 1942, be included as Service Pay for the purpose of calculating supplementary allowances.

(b) War. Service Grants.

A report was ‘submitted with regard to the position of War Service Grants received by certain dependants of members of the Staff serving with the Forces, which stated that these, supplementary Grants are made by the Ministry of Pensions to Serving Men’s dependants, where need exists, having regard to all available resources, including (if any) supplementary allowances paid by this Board, and indicated that hitherto such grants had been excluded from service pay in calculating any supplcmcntarv allowance due under the Board’s scheme.

The report further stated that there was no guarantee that in all cases where such a grant is in issue to employees of the Board, this fact is known to the Board. It was apparent that the inclusion of such a grant as service pay would merely have the effect of increasing the amount of need which would require to be met by the War Service

Grants Advisory Committee.

After due consideration it was


That any War Service drains paid to the dependants of serving men be ignored for the purpose of calculating War Service Allowances, and the action already taken in excluding any such grants be confirmed.

(c) Colonial and Dominion Allowances.

A report was submitted with regard to the receipt by certain members of the Armed Forces of Colonial and Dominion allowances paid by the Government to meet the extra cost of living in the Dominions and Colonies.


That all Dominion and Colonial Allowances be excluded from service pay for the purpose of calculating supplementary allowances under the Board’s scheme.

4. H. Mounsey, deceased.

The death on Active Service was reported of H. Mounsey, a non-established Painter at the Menston Mental Hospital, and that the non-receipt of certain information regarding increases in service pay had led to an over payment of supplementation in this case, amounting to £29, 14s.


That having regard to the circumstances, the Treasurer be instructed to ascertain the financial, etc., position of  the widow, with a view to the Committee arriving at a decision as to whether any claim should be made for repayment of the over payment.

5. Continuation of Supplementary Allowance where Employees are reported ” Missing ” or ” Prisoners of War ” and certain overpayments which have arisen therefrom.

The Committee examined a Schedule setting out cases where employees of the Board are reported “Missing” or ” Prisoners of War ” and where, under Section 1(3) of the Local Government Staffs (War Service) Act, 1939, the allowance to the wife is being continued for a period not exceeding twenty-six weeks, and the Committee’s confirmation of this action was requested.


That the action of continuing the allowance for a period not exceeding twenty-six weeks be approved.


That as regards the over payments of allowance which have resulted, no action be taken until  the employees return, or definite information is available.

6. Review of Claims to Supplementation by Single Men with Dependants.

The Committee considered a schedule of Hardship Allowances previously awarded by this Committee to single members of the Staff with dependants.


That the decisions of the Committee, as now indicated on the schedule signed by the Chairman, be approved, and the allowance indicated’ lie continued to the dependant specified, but that in all other cases the allowance be withdrawn on account of the changed circumstances.