Conversion To Housing

Welcome To ChevinChevin Clock Tower Welcome May 2012 Aysgarth External May 2012 9 Aysgarth External May 2012 Chevin Clock Tower Administration Building May 2012 Chevin Tower Administration Building May 2012 Night Bell Grassinton Mews May 2012 High Royds Hospital 2007Block 14 Tower August 12 2010 Chevin Clock Tower April 10 2011 Chevin Clock Tower Gardening Chevin Clock Tower Jan 2011 Image Clock Tower 2003 Clock Tower April 2010 Clock Tower Admin from Block 14 Gate July 24 2010 Clock Tower Block High Royds Clock Tower Scaffold Closer April 10 2010 Tarmacadam120 Years On Admin With The Clean Look August 2008Affordable HousingAsygarth - Hawes Undergoing Transformation January 2009The former female chronic block converted to housing with the new build in the near distance.Blending in, the crescent, 2008The New Build In Full FlowThe former female acute block converted to housing, 2008DuskAs darkness fallsc17-crescent crane sm.jpgCarry On Camping, Visitors Arrive 31st July 2008Escroft KennyConversion WardKanner Unit JCBDavid Wilson and the Old Asylum Blakeway ClosedDavid Wilson Phase 2 Dismantling High RoydsBlending InLiving Again Live ItConversion 3 Demo Signs April 2008The former female chronic block converted to housing with the new build in the near distance.The crescent during construction, 2008Matrons Office FoundationsAffordable HousingThe crescent during construction, 2008We All Need A Pantomine To Remind Us What Is Real. 8th October 2008, 120 Years YoungJim'll fix it for you!Carry On Camping Closedconversion Conversion Conversion Conversion WardThis shows where the female corridor was disected.Crescent Crane David Wilson HomesDavid Wilson Phase 2 Demo Signs April 2008Digging For Victory September 2008Dismantling High Royds DuskEntrance to Escroft Clinic Female Epileptic Block For SaleHigh Royds DriveIn Progress JCBJim Will Fix it For You Komatsu live it landscape Matrons Office New And OldThe FlagshipNew Build November 2008 Night Patrol "Not Even The Queen Allowed To Take Pictures"  Work in ProgressFemale Nurses Res IIReserved Parking Up On The Roof.Cosy At Home.