The Journey Begins – September 2007

Ward 15 Aysgarth - HawesStainton - MarrickStainton - MarrickMatrons Office, all that remainedFemale CorridorFemale corridor, Matrons office, low right.Aysgarth Ward in distanceCentral CorridorCentral CorridorRear of Denton Clifton..Ballroom fireplace detailWard 15 Aysgarth - Hawes WallpaperGated CorridorNurses Residence to right.Ward 15 Aysgarth - HawesWard 15 Aysgarth - HawesThe clock Tower - 2007Administration Building 2007Administration Building 2007Cold Store, Superintendents House.Aysgarth from clock tower, 2007Aysgarth connecting corridorBallroom - Recreation Hall.Ballroom - Recreation Hall.Committee RoomDenton - Clifton WardBallroom - Recreation Hall.Double Aspect Corridor, Male Kitchen CorridorKitchen CorridorMortuary, Path Lab?Nurses ResidenceA Grand Entrance.General Stores.General Stores.General StoresMortuary, Path Lab?Gated CorridorReflectionsWelcome High Royds Hospital, September 2007Walking in the shadows Main entrance in distanceClock towerMortuary externalMortuary September 23, 2007 Yorkshire Rose Kitchen corridor Stained glass Service Tunnel, Nurses ResidenceClock viewAdministration buildingCentral CorridorMortuary Storage areaClock tower windowMortuary ante roomBuckle Lane Burial GroundClock tower To the long dead..Kitchen CorridorUnder passAysgarth, ward 15Bon AccordLegsLonely path Gated corridorClock MechanismNurses residenceAdministration building stained glassEngine houseClock makerKitchen corridorStanding room only

The Journey Begins

It was in September 2007 that I began my work documenting the High Royds the former  Psychiatric hospital.   Little did I realise where this initial journey

would take me, from simply photographing the old hospital and its architecture things have moved on.   With much help we now have a

comprehensive living breathing historical record of the 19th century asylum.

Many thanks to all the people from all around the world that have contributed to making this site what it is.

Adopted by the National Archives, The British Library and countless Universities the site has become an important educational resource.

Special thanks must go to Tom Booth  for his energy, interest and assistance in tracing original documents..

And of course my good lady Marina..


All images in this collection were taken September 2007.