William Crabtree – a pilferer of pockets

William Crabtree - a pilferer of pockets portraitWilliam Crabtree - a pilferer of pockets
William Crabtree                                                      Number of Admission: 4644


Occupation: none


Chargeable to Keighley


Admitted on the 5th day of May 1899.


Facts observed by Wm M Gabriel (May 5th 1899). He made many delusive statements in my conversation with him and could not give me a lucid account of his proceedings before my interview with him. He said his name is “Joseph” although this is not the case. He stated that a man had made him get through a window although he had seen no one but the official in charge of him. He frequently states that he has suffered from a sudden illness of the nature of a “fit”. This is entirely a delusion – Wm Clement Salmon states that he suffers from various delusions and destroys whatever he is in contact with. He cannot account for his actions when questioned or answer questions in a rational manner.


Age: 15

Religious Persuasion: C of E


Previous place of abode:Woodhouse Road, Keighley

1st attack

Age on first attack: 13

Has not been in any asylum

Insane 1 week

Supposed cause: not known

Not epileptic

Not suicidal

Not dangerous to others


Name and residence of nearest known relative: Mother, Sarah Crabtree, an inmate of Keighley workhouse.


Mental state: this boy exhibits considerable general mental enfeeblement but has been quiet and tractable. He is cheerful and happy but does not appear to have attained to greater mental development than is normal in a child of six or seven years old.


Physical condition: Small and not well developed for his age. Hair fair. Eyes blue. Pupils regular, equal and responsive, evidence of puberty. Systems generally are normal.


Diagnosis: Imbecility

Causation: Congenital

Prognosis: Unfavourable


May 17th 1899: This little boy continues in precisely the same condition mental and physical as when admitted. He is cheerful and contented and gives little trouble.


June 3rd 1899: This patient condition is in all respects identical with that noted above


June 10th 1899: Is cheerful and works well in the ward, but is constantly pilfering the pockets of other patients. There is a good deal of mental deficiency in his case. Health good


July 10th 1899: No change to report


Aug 10th 1899: No mental or bodily change. Has made some attempts to escape but was quickly caught. Health fair.


Sept 25th 1899: Discharged “Relieved”