April 2009 – Mid Wales Hospital

Wooden Door, I SpyPaint BallingSeclusion RoomAiring CourtAiring ShelterBallroomTalgarth Ballroom CorridorTalgarth Ballroom ExteriorTalgarth BallroomTalgarth Ballroom StageTalgarth Bar Attached to BallroomTalgarth BathroomTalgarth BayTalgarth Bay ColoursTalgarth Corridor RoofTalgarth CurtainsTalgarth DecayTalgarth DemoTalgarth DemolitionTalgarth DemolitionTalgarth DemolitionTalgarth DinerTalgarth EncasedTalgarth IsolatedTalgarth LightTalgarth New AdditionsProjector RoomTalgarth ShutterBallroom, StageTalgarth StairsTalgarth StairwellAsylum WallpaperAsylum Wards

In 2009 the site was offered for sale. By this time, several properties that once belonged to the hospital, such as the gatehouse, had been sold off and the buildings were becoming derelict. There are signs of demolition throughout the site and many of the original slates (believed to be worth in excess of £1 million) were stripped from the roofs. The large derelict site has recently become an attraction to many photographers despite improved security measures.