Divine Worship – Mid Wales Hospital

January 2010 ChapelChapel AltarThe Chapel, Jan 2010Evensong, October 2007The Chapel minus its pewsAll thats left..From the the Chancel with No PewsAutumn, October2007Rear entrance, October 2007Male retiring roomChapel Roof, October 2007The Chapel, Jan 2010Chapel side elevation  October 2007North passage towards the OrganSide elevation, October 2007, Chapel WindowsChapel, October 2007Chapel Doors, October 2007The Chapel Entrance,October 2007 October 2007 Church WindowOne last Hymn..Hammond OrganKey to the door, ChapelEncroaching.. March 18th 2010Chapel, Jan 2010Divine Light in The Chapel

Today the heart of the Asylum, the Chapel lies empty and forgotten.  The Pews have been removed and sold as part of the asset stripping.  An old Hammond Organ remains along with a pile of old Hymn books.  Remarkably the building remains in fair condition although its future is uncertain.