High Royds Hospital – School of Nursing

Mrs Lloyd Nursing Officer, Charity Bed PushWilling PassengerAccess to main corridor to Hazelwood Ward from MortuaryApproach to Hospital from Menston Drive.Filming of AsylumBack of school of nursingCharity Bed PushCharity Bed PushCharity Bed PushEast Side male Nurses residenceEntrance corridor looking towards main corridorFemale nurses residence and administration officesFront of the HospitalGeneral Nursing CouncilThe hospital badges at that time were a work of art and your GNC badge had your name and year of qualification.High Royds Rugby Team circa 1971High Royds Rugby Team Circa 1971High Royds Rugby Team Circa 1971High Royds Rugby Team Circa 1971High Royds Rugby Team in Action 1972June 1972 from East Side Male Residence June 1973 - Photo from East Side Male Residence towards social club. Main corridor looking WestMay 1973 -Photo from East Side Male ResidenceDonated by Ken Duesbery - School Of Nursing 1980Donated by Ken Duesbery - State Enrolled NursesStudent Syllabus Student SyllabusStudent SyllabusStudent SyllabusStudent SyllabusStudent SyllabusStudent SyllabusStudent SyllabusStudent Syllabus DetailsStudent Syllabus Front CoverThe Cricket PavillionThe underpass under main corridor.Traffic lights now removedThe chapel in graveyardHalf a pair of cricket fanaticsTop of Menston Drive with view of Menston villageStudent SyllabusStudent SyllabusStudent SyllabusView of Hospital from roadWest side male residenceWhernside and Ingelborough wards

This new section will contain images and text most generously donated by Allan Harkin.

“The Images entitled “Bed Push” are a set of photographs that I took outside the Staff Social club.I cannot give a date but I think it was around May 1972. As the sign on the side of the bed states it was to raise funds for the High Royds Hospital League of Friends (I think they were called the High Royds Hospital vouluntary association then). Some of the faces are…Roger Helm,Kevin Barron,David Tricklebank and I am sure that Tom Booth is on the far right. The two people sat on the bed are Mrs. Lloyd, nursing Officer and T.O’Connell. The photo of two people talking I am not sure about but it could be Miss Loftus.”

All Images And Text – Copyright Allan Harkin.


When you started as a student nurse in 1970 you were given a “Red Book”. In these pages was the record of what experience the student had.   Gordon Woolescroft handed these out to us all one day in June 1970 with the words “Whatever you do do NOT lose the blooming things”  After every placement the book was signed by the person in charge of the ward.  We had some very interesting visits…the disinfestations centre in Leeds which is were people (and sometimes their furniture) went to get rid of head lice,
bed bugs and all things deemed parasitic. The juvenile and adult courts in Leeds Also, when we were in our third year of training we were taken to see a post mortem.

Some of the signatures will be familiar:-

Ken Walker-Charge Nurse 

Arthur Brown-Charge Nurse on Ingle borough Ward. Played the trumpet in the hospital band.Allways had time for the students on the ward as long as they worked hard and showed interest. Worked opposite? Peter Ingram.

Walter Kyriako-Charge Nurse. Not sure of spelling.

Eva Midgley-Sister on Whernside.A very caring, professional nurse who was a very positive role model for me and other students.

Harry Myers-Charge Nurse on Buckden Ward and also the COHSE representative at the hospital.  Harry was one of the first people we were introduced to to sign up for the union when we started.

Bob Wright-Charge nurse on Denton I think (the admission ward).Went on I heard to St. James A&E.Clever man who knew his stuff.

Gordon Woolescroft-Tutor throughout the 3 years with Mr. Clough.

Herbert Gattis.-Charge nurse Litton ward. I said to him once, I think you should have a picture of Litton on the wall to which he replied “OK lad…go and take one!”I went up to the Yorkshire dales and took the photo…had it enlarged and framed. It was still there when I went back for  a visit in 1974.  If you were on his ward and due to take your finals he was very supportive. He would give me two or three sample questions and send me off into a side room to write up. A larger than life character but very likeable.