Mid Wales Hospital – March 2010

The underground tunnelsCommittee 1903Committee 2010 with Front Door and WindowsCommittee 2010Female Infirmary, day room 2010PharmacyEntrance hall, 2010 Talgarth CorridorGenerator Room, 18th March 2010Boiler houseTraining block HairdressersMale infirmary day room, 1903Female Infirmary, day room 1902Admin Corridor 1903Black hellEntrance block 1902Mid Wales Hospital 1971Entrance block rear aspect March 2010Recreation hall, 2010PharmacyPharmacyFemale Infirmary Day RoomPharamcy ExteriorSome one has butchered the frame holding these magnificent doors, expect them to be stolen very soon..March 2010Boiler House 1903Boiler House 2010Boiler House 2010Store Room PharmacyMale Epileptic Day RoomSeclusion Cells, Female Infirmary BlockMale Epileptic Dormitory 1903Corridor 20 10Some one has butchered the frame holding these magnificent doors, expect them to be stolen very soon..Chapel..Chapel InteriorFemale Infirmary ToiletsObservationBoiler House UnderdrawingFemale epileptic sluiceRooflights looking towards male epileptic blockChapel, Mortuary, Hospital Workshop, 2010Chapel, Mortuary, hospital workshop, 2010Stores Loading AreaMale Infirmary Day Room 2010Chapel, Mortuary, hospital workshop, 1903Recreation hall, 1903Boiler House UnderdrawingBoiler no 2The Remains of The MuseumMale Epileptic Dormitory, 2010Female Infirmary Day Room 2010Spot Light in a Room at TalgarthChapel ChancelMale Infirmary Day Room 2010Boiler no 2Female Infirmary BlockFemale Epileptic DormitoryLooking towards the front door of the entrance blockMid Wales Carol ServicePikies TalgarthEntrance Block 1910Female Infirmary BlockView from Female Epileptic BlockWards e7 and e8Water Pump Underdrawing

Mid Wales Hospital, March 2010

With a view to recreating photos from the 1903 opening ceremony brochure I visited the hospital on the 5th of March 2010.

Since my last visit the site is showing signs of vandalism and theft, the sacred chapel has been opened by what appears to be a crow bar, the administration buildings internal doors have been brutally removed awaiting removal.

The people that have allowed this former asylum to fall into such a state should hang their head in shame..