Pop Turner

"Pop Turner" (Leonard Edgar Turner)
Football Team,Circa 1949.The Civil Defence Awards.Lancaster Royal Albert Asylum
Grateful thanks to Mr. Keith Turner for providing us with these images and commentary.  My father worked at High Royds  
from the early 1950’s to  1971 starting as a student  nurse and becoming a Charge Nurse before he left to go to Bournemouth  
to run a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre with  my mother. He played football (you have some photo’s of him already) and  
cricket and my brother and I both scored for the cricket teams in the 1960’s. 

The furthest fixture I can recall was to visit Lancaster to play Lancaster Moor Hospital.

Thank you for a great website which brought back many memories on the cricket pitch with the cinder track around,  and the 
ballroom which my father and fellow nurse Ernest  French and their patients used to decorate for about a  month before Xmas 
ready for the patients and staff Christmas parties. 

I also remember being taken into the engine  house where the electricity was generated using two enormous submarine  engines
 (so I was told), the cobblers shop  and then led  up the huge corridor on the male side going through numerous  locked doors which 
my father meticulously  unlocked and locked as we passed through. 

He also told me that when the Italian workmen laid the mosaic floor in the  corridors they had a screen around them so that  people 
could not see how they laid the mosaic."

At various times he would take the patients on holiday and they went to Marske by the sea (near Redcar), Grassington and Middleton